St. Margaret School

Instructions for Registration for PRS
1. Download the registration form.
2. Fill basic details in Registration Form.
3. Only one copy of the form per child is acceptable (No Duplication)
4. Incomplete or incorrect forms are liable to be rejected.
5. The parent will submit the documentary proof for verification of the registration details at the time of admission in original.
6. Submit a signed copy of the registration form at the school reception on/before 15 December 2023.
7. Ensure that the registration fees of Rs 25 is to be paid at the time of submission of registration form at the school reception.

About Us

The future of a nation depends on its citizens. Education plays a vital role in shaping the present children into better human beings and responsible citizens who would build a mighty nation- India . It was a small endeavour by our late chairman sir shri P.C Malik and Madam N.M Narcis to provide quality education to the students , that St. Margaret school was incepted in 1972 and thereafter the school was registered under the registration act as St. Margaret Education Society in 1976. Over the years, the school has grown from the strength from a seedling i.e Derawal Nagar and thereafter St. Margaret Senior Secondary School Prashant vihar, our plant and finally St. Margaret Engineering College, situated at Neemrana, Rajasthan.

More about us
Principal Messsage

As a dominie, I strongly regard in the focal role of an educational institution to not only facilitate in the comprehensive development of a child but to also focal opportunities so that they finally emerge as winners in life and in their professional careers. All this can be accomplished at St. Margaret, only because of our strenuous staff, co-operative parents and zealous learner. To boast of, St. Margaret not only provides education but also builds character in students. The educational journey of St. Margaret goes beyond imparting knowledge through carefully planned inter-disciplinary scholastic and co-scholastic programmes. We endeavour to equip our learners with necessary life skills and values that help them to face the challenges of life in a confident and courageous manner. In fact envisioning a global society the school curriculum is imbued a distinct international perspective.

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