About Us

About Us


The future of a nation depends on its citizens. Education plays a vital role in shaping the present children into better human beings and responsible citizens who would build a mighty nation- India . It was a small endeavour by our late chairman sir shri P.C Malik and Madam N.M Narcis to provide quality education to the students , that St. Margaret school was incepted in 1972 and thereafter the school was registered under the registration act as St. Margaret Education Society in 1976. Over the years, the school has grown from the strength from a seedling i.e Derawal Nagar and thereafter St. Margaret Senior Secondary School Prashant vihar, our plant and finally St. Margaret Engineering College, situated at Neemrana, Rajasthan.

Education is the Apple of the knowledge for everyone’s eyes.We are indebted to our children in love to provide them with the best education possible. An effective school facility is responsive to the challenging programs of educational delivery, and at a minimum the school is providing a physical environment that is comfortable, safe,secure,accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated and aesthetically pleasing.

The facilities includes furnishings, materials and supplies, equipment and information technology, as well as various aspects of the building ground. The goal of educational planning of.

St. Margaret is to develop, clarify to review the educational mission,vision, philosophy, curriculum and instructional delivery. Educational planning involves a variety of school and community workshops and surveys to identify and clarify needs and sharpen the vision of the district. The school is equipped with dedicated science laboratory, information and communication technology, lab, classrooms with promethean boards, library, art and music rooms etc.


A school is more than just a static repository for education, it is an integral source to lay foundation of successful career and well-being in anindividual’s life with all its necessary learning.