Admission Open 2023-24


As per the Circular issued by the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, Directorate of Education,
dated 09/02/2023 the given below is the admission schedule for Entry Level Classes (below six years of age).

St. Margaret School

Instructions for Registration for PRS
1. Download the registration form.
2. Fill basic details in Registration Form.
3. Only one copy of the form per child is acceptable (No Duplication)
4. Incomplete or incorrect forms are liable to be rejected.
5. The parent will submit the documentary proof for verification of the registration details at the time of admission in original.
6. Submit a signed copy of the registration form at the school reception on/before 15 December 2023
7. Ensure that the registration fees of Rs 25 is to be paid at the time of submission of registration form at the school reception.